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Top Questions You Should Be Asking Your Data Partners Going Into 2023

Wiland experts weigh in on what marketers need to be discussing with their data partners to ensure a successful year ahead.

By Wiland Editorial Team | December 16, 2022

Data Privacy and Direct Mail

A few thoughts from my conversation with SeQuel Response on how the evolving data privacy landscape is affecting direct mail marketers

By Bryn Weaver | October 27, 2022

Data Collaboration Explained

How do different approaches to data collaboration benefit multichannel marketers depending on their objectives, relationships, and strategies?

By Will Clayton | September 20, 2022

The Roadmap to Post-Cookie Acquisition Marketing
The Roadmap to Post-Cookie Acquisition Marketing

Insights from Wiland, Winterberry Group, and Eyeota on reaching addressable prospect audiences at scale

By Wiland Editorial Team | May 12, 2022

Trust, Relevance, and the New Marketing Ecosystem

Solutions that engender trust are creating a path forward for performance-oriented digital advertisers

By Wiland Editorial Team | April 14, 2022

Marketing Data Types Defined
Marketing Data Types Explained

What are the different types of consumer data, and how do they inform the creation of programmatic advertising audiences?

By Will Clayton | April 5, 2022

Top Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Data Partner
Top Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Data Partner

How brands and agencies can choose data partners who will help them achieve their privacy and performance goals

By Michelle Harness | March 28, 2022

The State of Digital Media Targeting
The State of Digital Media Targeting

Insights from Wiland and Digiday research on driving digital performance while protecting privacy

By Wiland Editorial Team | March 17, 2022

The Data Privacy Landscape Is Changing. How Can You Be Ready?
The Data Privacy Landscape is Changing. How Can You Prepare?

What’s new in state data privacy regulation and the steps that brands and organizations should be taking now

By Bryn Weaver | January 27, 2022