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Jan Chandler

Jan Chandler

In Memoriam | 1960 – 2022

In November 2022, we lost our dear colleague and friend Jan Chandler. Jan was a truly beloved member of the Wiland family. She was an exemplary servant leader, a great mentor, a source of wisdom and insight, and a source of laughter and good humor. As Division Vice President, Media and Entertainment, Jan’s dedication to her team at Wiland and to her many clients set a high standard of excellence for our company.

In her years at Wiland, Jan used her rich publishing experience and deep understanding of the media industry to help her clients solve their unique business challenges in a fast-evolving industry. Just prior to her passing, she was named an honoree of the Marketing Club of New York’s Silver Apple award for her lifetime achievement in data-driven marketing and her many contributions to the success of others in her field.

Jan was a source of knowledge and expertise at Wiland, as seen in the publishing roundtable events she led, her blog posts here, and countless individual conversations with clients and colleagues. We are grateful for having known her wisdom, her kindness, and her inimitably bright personality. We will forever keep Jan in our hearts as we miss her dynamic, positive presence.

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