Empowering the Data-Enabled Agency


Data Enabled Agency

It has become axiomatic that agencies are under tremendous pressure to evolve. Brands are taking much of marketing and advertising in-house, demanding more stringent accountability and transparency. Boutique digital shops are giving big powerhouses a run for their money. All this while programmatic is continuously accounting for more of display advertising. An eMarketer report projects U.S. programmatic ad spend crossing the $46 billion mark with 86.2 percent of all digital display ads being purchased through automated channels by 2020.

This intersection of vast data, increasingly sophisticated adtech, and programmatic efficiencies creates a perfect storm of…well…is it a threat?

Or an opportunity?

For agencies of all sizes, the opportunities come in having a data partner that can deliver on the promise of insight-driven advertising. Agencies that can leverage superior data partner relationships will be positioned to better serve their clients and thus be more competitive.

We are privileged here at Wiland to partner with agencies big and small, as well as agencies that specialize in one of the many industries we serve. Our commitment is to deliver a competitive edge to their clients, and thus to the agencies themselves. Just as an agency’s success is ultimately measured by the success of its clients, so also we look to the success of the many agencies we serve as one of the measures of our success.

The biggest advantage we offer to agencies is the ability to target their clients’ marketing investments with tremendous accuracy—online and off. We are known (renown, really) for delivering the best direct mail audiences—large universes of well-targeted, proven responders who drive high return on investment. But we have also cracked the code when it comes to applying direct marketing best practices to the digital channel. As a result, we offer agencies three powerful ways to target prospect audiences in order to deliver high click-through rates, superior engagement, and high return on ad spend (ROAS):

On-Demand Audiences: We have 1,000+ niche-specific digital marketing audiences ready to deliver to Facebook, The Trade Desk, Google, and every leading DSP and ad platform. (You can learn more at www.UltimateAudiences.com). Agencies can have high-performance, highly targeted campaigns running for their clients in a matter of hours using these on-demand audiences.

Custom Brand-Specific Audiences: These are uniquely modeled segments ready to deliver to Facebook or virtually any of an agency’s preferred DSPs or ad networks.

Managed Display Campaigns: All the agency has to provide is creative and a landing page link. We do the rest, providing continuous ad spend optimization and expert reporting, enabling agencies to provide first-rate documentation on results to their clients.

One of the most significant reasons we are able to empower the data-enabled agency is that we have so many former agency people here at Wiland. We understand the challenges agencies face and also the great satisfaction they enjoy when they have delivered in a big way for their clients.

So if you are an agency looking for a partner that can leverage vast, proprietary data and predictive analytics to drive your clients’ success, we should talk.  Our track record in intelligence-driven predictive marketing is an impressive one. Agencies that partner with us not only deliver great results for their clients, but also enjoy having a competitive advantage that drives their own success.

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