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Using Post-Merge Optimization to Increase Direct Mail Efficiency

Charitable nonprofits are striving for lofty fundraising goals despite a soft donor market and rising costs. We recently gathered a trio of Wiland experts to discuss how Post-Merge Optimization helps fundraisers identify and remove the lowest-performing names from their direct mail lists—and realize significant savings in the process.

By Wiland Editorial Team | April 17, 2024

Woman working with Post-Merge-Optimization

With direct mail costs still rising, your donor acquisition campaigns must be as productive and cost-effective as possible. So how can you focus on reaching only the people with the highest likelihood to give to your organization and avoid wasting precious fundraising dollars on unresponsive names?

Our recent webinar, Immediately Improve Your Acquisition Results: Leveraging AI-powered Post-Merge Optimization in Your Next Direct Mail Campaign, provided some urgent, actionable advice to fundraisers. Wiland experts Roger Hiyama, Jennifer Honadel, and Olivia Smith described how nonprofits like yours can save significantly on direct mail campaigns while boosting response rates with Wiland’s AI-powered Post-Merge Optimization solution.

Not every prospect is created equal. Our goal is to eliminate the bad names and create better ROI and lower cost to acquire for your donors.” –Jennifer Honadel, Wiland SVP, Client Success

Here’s a snapshot of how Post-Merge Optimization works.

Send your net file to Wiland prior to mailing.
In most cases, we’ll have the results back to you within 48 hours.

Wiland applies AI-enabled predictive modeling leveraging our vast donor data to rank names.
We already know a lot about people on your list—whether it came from Wiland or somewhere else—and our model can predict model both likeliness to give and probable size of donation.

Retain your best names and drop your worst names.
This is where the savings can be found. Identifying the least valuable names on your list before you mail (instead of after) saves you paper costs, postage costs, and maybe some regrets.

Mail your optimized list while retaining or redirecting the savings.
Maybe you’ll choose to use those savings to focus on more effective audiences or channels. Perhaps you’ll reallocate it to digital co-targeting—since the one-two punch of direct mail pieces followed by digital impressions has been proven to work.

The goal for the client is to realize significant savings that can either be used to add more and better names to the current merge, or applied to your next campaign.” –Roger Hiyama, Wiland EVP, Solutions & Innovation

You can watch the on-demand version of the webinar (and download the associated slides and handouts) below. We think fundraisers from organizations of all sizes will find actionable advice that they can use right away in their direct mail campaigns.

“We’ve created custom PMO lists for our clients for years. This is a proven solution.” –Olivia Smith, Wiland VP, Solutions & Innovation

Download the Handout

Presentation Deck and Post Merge Optimization Info

Webinar Presenters

Roger Hiyama - EVP, Solutions & Innovation

Roger Hiyama

EVP, Solutions & Innovation


Olivia Smith - VP, Solutions & Innovation

Olivia Smith

VP, Solutions & Innovation


Jennifer Honadel - SVP, Client Success

Jennifer Honadel

SVP, Client Success