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Direct Mail’s Role in the Modern Marketing Playbook

Direct mail has an undeniable staying power that defies the conventional stereotype that it is somehow “old school.” So how can you leverage direct mail’s unique advantages and integrate it with other channels to produce higher revenue and profit? We recently revealed the findings of new Winterberry Group research on why direct mail continues to deserve a starring role in your modern marketing mix.

By Wiland Editorial Team | November 15, 2023

Direct mail remains a key piece of the multichannel marketing puzzle. A consistent driver of response and revenue, it’s a historically prevalent channel that many marketers are discovering—or rediscovering—today as digital fatigue rises and higher digital CPMs constrain marketing budgets.

But how can you optimize your marketing mix to capitalize on direct mail’s unique strengths and offset its costs—as it’s no secret that postage and printing prices continue to rise? Where is the channel heading moving forward and what will its most effective use cases be in the future?

Wiland recently sponsored the Winterberry Group research report Delivering Performance: Direct Mail in the United States 2023, which offers fresh perspectives from industry leaders on these questions and much more. To dive even further into the report’s timely findings, we recently assembled a panel of experts for a webinar to discuss the channel’s modern multichannel marketing role.

You can view this informative webinar below to hear from Bruce Biegel (Senior Managing Partner with Winterberry Group), Ray Van Iterson (Manager of Marketing Strategy with the United States Postal Service), and Wiland’s Jeff Liebrock (Division Vice President) and Roger Hiyama (Executive Vice President, Solutions and Innovation). You’ll learn about:

  • Why savvy marketers are resolutely committed to the direct mail channel
    The panel discussed research that indicates the continued role of direct mail as the most reliable, predictable customer acquisition channel.
  • Direct mail’s ideal role in a successful omnichannel marketing mix
    The group discussed how marketers can effectively use direct mail in conjunction with multiple digital channels. They stressed the importance of breaking down silos between direct mail, digital, and email teams.
  • How direct mail continues to offer privacy-safe targeted marketing
    Complications arising from privacy issues that are impacting digital targeting have highlighted the sustainability and reliability of data-driven direct mail strategies.
  • How new technology is making direct mail more nimble and flexible
    As direct mail grows more integrated with digital strategies, automated and activity-triggered programs often used in display and email marketing are becoming more commonly implemented in direct mail as well.
  • How to reduce direct mail costs in order to drive better ROI
    Wiland’s Jeff Liebrock discussed how Wiland clients are partnering with us to optimize their mail files based on predictive consumer spending data—ensuring that their direct mail campaigns are reaching the people most likely to engage to maximize ROI.

Watch our Webinar

Direct Mail’s Next Act:
The Surprising Future of the Original Performance Marketing Channel

Webinar Presenters

Bruce Biegel - Senior Managing Partner

Bruce Biegel

Senior Managing


Ray Van Iterson - Manager of Marketing Strategy

Ray Van Iterson

Manager of
Marketing Strategy


 Jeff Liebrock - Division Vice President

Jeff Liebrock

Vice President


Roger Hiyama - Executive Vice President, Solutions & Innovation

Roger Hiyama

Executive Vice President,
Solutions & Innovation