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Making Better Marketing Decisions with Enhancement Data

It’s no secret that using data to inform marketing drives the best results. But what does that look like in practice? We spoke with leadership at outdoor power equipment retailer STIHL, Inc., about the positive business impacts that the company experienced when it integrated enhancement data into its marketing strategy.

By Wiland Editorial Team | May 2, 2023

Team working with enhancement data

Using data to achieve marketing-driven revenue growth is a hot topic for brands of all sizes. But what does a data-centric marketing approach look like in the real world? What data should you use? How do you get started? What would incorporating enhancement data look like for your organization? What types of results could you experience?

Hearing success stories from the real world is a great opportunity to better understand what a data-driven marketing strategy can look like. Examining these use cases can also help you determine how data analysis could play a role in problem-solving and decision-making at your organization and how your company can best incorporate data to achieve revenue growth.

Learn about one such success story in our recent webinar, “Make Better Decisions Faster: Creating a ‘Culture of Data’ that Accelerates Revenue Growth.” You’ll hear Wiland’s Jeff Liebrock (Division Vice President, Direct-to-Consumer Retail) speak with Tom Scott, Vice President, Information Systems (CIO) with STIHL, and Josh Cox, Head of Analytics at Tricision. In this webinar, they discuss how STIHL enhanced its customer data and used data analysis to drive more revenue and achieve its strategic marketing objectives.

From this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Building a cultural change within your organization centered around data analysis
    The group discussed their professional experiences with implementing data-driven strategies, including how they’ve overcome hurdles that can arise within an organization. They stressed the importance of an educational “show, don’t tell” approach to demonstrate the actionable benefits and tangible business impacts of using data analysis.
  • Using your customer data to drive faster revenue growth
    Tom set the stage for how STIHL worked with Tricision and Wiland to utilize its own data—combined with Wiland data elements and advanced data analysis—to better understand its customers. The enriched data supported a more customer-centric marketing approach and answered strategic questions that the brand was asking.
  • Incorporating data enhancement to improve marketing and other business outcomes
    The panel provided examples as to how individual-level consumer spending data can power better segmentation, more impactful personalization, and a number of other strategic initiatives.

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Make Better Decisions Faster
Creating a “Culture of Data” that Accelerates Revenue Growth

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